Do you have the ability to be a successful ShieldIt franchisee? ┬áIf you seek a unique opportunity with massive potential and are self-motivated – read on….

prep tapeWe can help you with all of the above. We have an intensive training program for all Franchisees. On completion of the training, Franchisors are available to help get you started and to ensure you continue to reach your goals in the short, medium and long term. Ongoing training is provided to ensure your business grows alongside the network.




A ShieldIt Frvananchisee has the ability to enjoy all the joys of being self employed with the benefit of an extended support network that will provide ongoing business and technical advice.






If we still have your attention, the following offers a list of steps to becoming fully trained and ready for growth:

  • Contact Franchisor
  • Receive Informa
    tion Kit
  • Attend prospect information meeting
  • If we both agree to work together, you will receive contracts, allowing you to discuss with your advisors prior to signing
  • Sign Contracts
  • Complete sales and application induction training course
  • Hit the road running

Join us for growth and learning….