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ShieldIt provides specialised protection products to the marine industry.
Large or small – we have everything you need to protect expensive finishes and fittings during new-build, outfitting, refurbishment, maintenance or repair projects.

Surfaces may be fully protected from the elements of construction –
Stains from water, chemicals and oil
Impact damage or scratches while your people are working on deck safely, because our products have an antislip finish)




apply productFirst, we audit your current methods of protection. We then advise you on what improvements can be made using our standard range of stock products – and where costs can be saved by products that offer better perfoamance and efficiency. If none of our standard products fit your specific requirement, we will look at how we’ve solved similar protection challenges in other shipyards. When confronted with new applications, we use our experience in the marine sector to develop custom-made solutions.
We respond promptly with a commitment-free quotation.

Damage during hot work (ask us about our range of non combustible high-temperature textiles – 550°C to 1300°C )






apply productFloors and surfaces protected on ship bridge









Vessel protected for construction and transport to client







Deckboat peel protection during construction