Dustwall protection

With ZipWall spring-loaded poles you can create a dust barrier in minutes with no tape, no ladders, and no damage

The ZipWwindowsall® Barrier System was invented to provide a quick and easy way to set up a dust barrier. Contractors across all industries have given our products an enthusiastic thumbs-up. Our barrier system sets up in minutes with no tape, no ladders, and no damage. It adds a professional touch to the job site.
You’ll find ZipWall products on the job in commercial and residential remodeling settings, as well as in flood restoration, mold remediation, and many other applications.


Dustwall Components


A. Foam Rail – Creates a dust seal against ceilings. Also available as an option for floor seal.

B, Top Plate – Clamps to polythene for firm placement of poles

C. Extendable poles – Extend from 1500mm to 3700mm

D. Grip Disk – to ensure pole does not slip across floor

E. Hook accessory – easily clamps to any part of pole

F. Side Clamp – allows foam rails to be jammed into wall (creates a dust seal on walls)

G. Adhesive Zip (Heavy Duty) – 2-pack, easily creates a door in dust wall. Extra strong components

H. Adhesive Zip (Standard) – 2-pack, easily creates a door in dust wall.

I. Low tack tape – option for ensuring dust seal against floor

J. Foam rail connection – allows foam rail to connect to base of pole


4-pole kit
Our most popular kit –
Great savings are offered when purchasing the 4-Pack kit complete. Includes:
4 x poles (with grip disks) – 2 x zips – carry bag – polythene




Extendable Poles
Poles extend from 1500mm to 3700mm
Includes top-plate, lanyard, Grip Disk




Builders polythene
Opaque polythene allows light into worksite while disquising from public viewing.
Available in a range of sizes and thicknesses




Adhesive Zips
Provide quick and easy access in and out of barriers. Flap hooks make it easy to hold the door flap up when open






Foam Rails
Rails clip to poles to press the sheeting firmly against ceilings, floors and walls




Side Clamp
Attaches to the foam rail to poles and presses the plastic sheeting firmly against the wall



Grip Disks
Hold bottom of poles securely in place on floors with slick surfaces such as vinyl, timber, marble, stone