Heavy Duty, Temporary FLOOR-SURFACE Protective Product specifically designed to eliminate damage to all types of Surface Areas


Guardboard™ is ideally suited for use by all Commercial Building Companies, Painters, Tradesmen and the Home Handy Man. Its Strength, Durability, its Water Resistant Properties and ease of use, allow this Product to provide the Complete and Perfect Floor-Surface Protection. It is Fast and Easy to lay down. Guardboard™ can protect Timber Flooring, and Carpeted Areas against costly damage as well as being able to provide complete protection to expensively prepared Concrete, Stone, Vinyl, and Tiled Areas.

Roll Size Dimensions: 900mm x 50M / 18 kg

Roll Size Dimensions: 900mm x 30M / 10.8 kg

Roll Size Dimensions: 900mm x 15M / 5.4 kg

Super-Easy Application

Surface Preperation – Surface Area must be clean and dry prior to laying down Guardboard™


Laying – Roll out and cut Guardboard™ to the length of the area intended for coverage


Cutting & Taping – Guardboard™ can be cut to size using a Stanley Knife (if required)


Decurl – Roll each cut length in the opposite direction that it came off of the roll to flatten ends


Joining – When joining lengths overlap, ram or abut and tape along board seam using packaging tape