Temporary Products


carpet protectCarpetshield Carpet Protection – the best temporary carpet protection you can buy. It is a clear, self-adhering protective film for carpeting. Carpet Shield’s non-slip surface is a special blend of polyethylene which is highly resistant to tears or punctures. Ideal during remodeling, painting and moving, it minimizes clean-up time and damage claims. Available in a variety of sizes and is reverse-wound for faster application.
Rolls 920mm W x 100Mtr L
Rolls 460mm W x 100Mtr L



Non-adhesive protection for carpets and hard floors. also great to use as a drop-cloth or to cover utilities from dust intrusion.  The internal weave provides a strong, non-slip and tear resistant product. Very Economical.
Rolls 2000mm W x 50Mtr L
Rolls 1000mm W x 50Mtr L



recycled-webRecycled Polymer
Extra strong, slip resistant rubber/plastic sheet.  Ribbed in a diamond pattern for superior traction and stability – even when wet.
Re-useable and VERY resilient to impact protection on honed concrete, tiled, and all hard floors.
Floor protector is 1.8mm thick at the thinnest point and maxes out at 4.0mm at the thickest point.
Rolls 1200mm W x 20Mtr L



fibre protectionGuardboard flooring protection-
Economical impact protection for hard floors. Water repellant, breathable and easy to apply.
Rolls 915mm W x 15Mtr L,
Rolls 915mm W x 30Mtr L or
Rolls 915mm W x 50Mtr L




Laminated Fleece –
Paint resistant drop-sheet or use as a scratch-resistant underlay for temporary floor protection products. Cover synthetic floor, parquet floor, carpet floor and stone floors with ease. Effectively protects against contamination, because the surface side absorbs everything like a sponge and dries fast. Underside is coated with a waterproof, anti-slip membrane.  Also great for laying in stairs and for wrapping around utilities.
Simply roll out without additional fixing and roll up to reuse for future projects.
Rolls 1000mm W x 30-Mtr L


Trapmat –
Tacky mat to remove dust from footwear. Simply remove top sheet when used.
30-sheets per unit.
Sheets 920mm x 610mm





promeshPromesh –
Interwoven mesh sheeting for outstanding uniform strength and durable flooring protection.
This is an ultra-tough woven product which is twice the thickness of traditional polyweave.
Brght white finish is UV resistant and offers good reflection for y our workspace.
Rolls 1250mm W x 60Mtr L



Barrier Sheetrubber matting
Heavy Duty, high tensile, reinforced, flame retardant, puncture resistant sheeting.
Rolls 910mm W x 50Mtr L







balustrade protectorFoam sheeting –
Composite protection product, comprising closed cell foam with one face thermally fused to a strong Polyfabric weave
Rolls are 2mm thickness
Rolls 1200mm W x 50Mtr L




PVC fluteboard protection for floors, walls, surfaces. Air pockets create effective impact resistance between surfaces.
3mm or 5mm Sheets available if required.
1200mm x 2400mm




Temporary Downpipe –
Easily connect to rainwater outlets using duct-tape or cable-ties.
Made of heavy-duty polythene tubing to redirect rainwater during construction and avoid excess water which can damage walls during the rendering process.
Suited to fit up to 130mm diameter pipes. 50-Mtr long.
Fix using tape or cable ties.Rolls 20Mtr Long




Handrail protectionFoam handrail protection – 

High density foam protection for protect handrails, scaffold poles, round objects.
High impact resistance, 15mm thickness.
Rolls 2-Mtr and 80mm diameter





Heavy duty bubblewrap Available in convenient sizes for various construction fittings.
Low-cost option to wrap utilities and protect precious surfaces.
Rolls 1300mm W x 100-Mtr L



Sandbag –
Used for laying protection to surfaces where tapes are not an option –
Stairs, roofs, stone, external tiles
670mm x 370mm (holds up to 14-litres)




edge-protectionCorner protection, Pulp paper or plastic (exterior) –
Preformed right-angle edge
protection for walls, benches, steps.
50mm x 50mm
2000mm Length






Window Protection Film –
Adhesive film for cost-effective protection of windows and frames.
European manufacture provides genuine UV-protection (to ensure no residue is left on the surface) for up to 3-months.
Easy application. Can be slit to size.
Rolls 600mm W x 100Mtr L




WindOcoat glass protectionWindOcoat –
Paint on – Protect – Peel away
WindOcoat is applied using paint roller or airless sprayer.
Simply apply to window/door glass and protect from construction debris for up to 9-months.
Windows are left sparkling and clean at the end of the project.
Available in pails 5-Gallon (18.9 Ltr) or 1-Gallon (3.78 Ltr)



Doorjamb protectionSplit tube door jamb protection –
Clamps to doorways and fittings – no need to use tapes on surfaces.
Simply clamp around door-frames for easy removal.
120mm (OD) tube, 2-Mtr Long




Demolition glass film –
Adhesive film is manufactured from heavy duty yellow polyethylene film with a high tack solvent acrylic adhesive. Prevents the risk of worker injury by broken glass shards during the construction process.
Should glass be broken in public areas, Demo Film provides a quick way to keep window glass in-tack until panes are replaced.
Easy application: Simply lay onto broken glass and the high-tack adhesive will quickly adhere.  Overlap by 100mm for large panels of glass.  Adhere to both sides of glass to maximise repair.  Apply only to glass which will be replaced, because the product will not release from glass once applied.
Rolls 600mm W x 50Mtr L



Tough plastibalustrade protectorc step covers

Rigid Tread Protector is a pre-formed plastic profile specially designed to fit securely onto stair treads. Strong and resilient, the Rigid Tread Protector will withstand the toughest site traffic making it ideal for use in both commercial and residential applications.
The slip-resistant plastic stair tread protector lays flat on the stair tread surface. The pre-formed right angle protects the stair tread and nosing and can be fixed by taping, strapping or screwing to timber or grout.
Pack of 15-units
760mmW x 185mmL with a 20mm front capping



Low tack tape

Low-tack tape –
UV stable, protect internal or external surfaces for over 6-months – no residue
Ribs allow easy tear
33-Mtr length – available in widths 30, 50, 70, 100mm



Jointing tape –
High Tack, Low cost tape for joining protection products together.
Great for flooring protection, flute-board, polythene or polyweave.
Rolls 50mm x 100-Mtr



Cloth tape –
Hand-tearable cloth tape (Duct Tape). Cost-effective.
Very strong and easily tearable.  70-mesh offers the ultimate high-tensile strength.
48mm W x 50-Mtr



WeaveTape –
Low tack tape that will not leave residue on internal surfaces and utilities.
Weave allows for easy tear-off
25-Meter Long
Avail 50mm or 100mm



AliTack Aluminium foil tape –
ShieldIt aluminium fibre tape is designed for use in construction for long-term adhesion.
Extra strength aluminium fibres are virtually unbreakable and fire retardant for permanent applications.
Long life bonding glue offers ultimate holding power.
Size 48mm x 50-Mtr long.




High-tack one side, Low-tack one side
Fix protection products without leaving residue on surfaces
50mm W x 33-Mtr Length